Root Canal

Root Canal Procedures in Oakville, Erin Mills and Mississauga

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy deals with the nerve of the tooth which is housed in the pulp chamber and in the canal within the root. A root canal is performed when the nerve is too diseased to be saved and must be removed. Pulp disease usually causes tooth loss unless something is done to save it. Root canal therapy involves replacing the diseased or dead pulp with a root filling material that will help preserve the function of the tooth.

When are root canals necessary?

Root canal therapy is often performed to treat the following:

Tooth decay

When tooth decay begins, it penetrates the outer layer of enamel and creates a cavity. If that process is not stopped, the decay will continue toward the nerve of the tooth, causing lots of pain.


Sometimes a tooth will become infected from within, causing an infection and/or abscess that can be terribly painful.


Sometimes trauma (injury) to the tooth will injure the nerve.

What can I expect during a root canal procedure?

  1. The dentist will thoroughly examine the tooth and perform various tests to determine whether the pulp tissue is diseased.
  2. When the decision for root canal therapy has been made, the dentist will gain access to the pulp chamber of the tooth, much like filling a cavity.
  3. Diseased pulp will be removed and the canal will be flushed out with special solutions before a medication is placed within.
  4. A temporary restoration will then be placed on the tooth, to prevent patient discomfort between dental visits.
  5. During another appointment, the root will be permanently filled with a material to keep the canal intact. A permanent restoration is then prepared and applied to the tooth. A crown is usually recommended after the root canal is completed as the tooth becomes very fragile.

Is root canal therapy painful?

The inside of the tooth is very sensitive, so the dentist will administer medication to desensitize the area and prevent discomfort. You should communicate any uncomfortable feeling to your dentist throughout the procedure so the desired level of pain control can be maintained.

Is this treatment for me?

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